The Unrealistic Expectations and Bra : Bad for Your Health?

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The photo above represents two reasons: first to show the level of variation where a normal size? on a woman's breasts. And second, in the hope of view of a woman against her breast itself into perspective. Female breast is a sex symbol that society is very sensitive, so the breast is often a major source of women's anxiety over his body. Her breasts are often apart in the eyes of the public and private. Both men and women feel the most right in their comments about them. Women with small breasts often feel jealous of women with large breasts and vice versa. A woman with breast that was admired by his friends regardless of their size, often feel less confident with their breasts. This is also true in women who are said to be very attractive by the men and women around him. The actress and model has undergone surgery on their breasts, although they have looked very interesting, because they are led to believe that they are less interesting than it should be that they could. (
When their breast size increased popularity they sometimes decreased after surgery). While breast size is often a cause of discomfort a woman., Other qualities such as tenderness, nipple size, and protrusion aerola and color, and shape are also a source of concern. However, we can not avoid the fact that women like their breasts, regardless of the size and shape. Breasts are part of what has made them as a woman and they enjoy it. It is interesting to note that the author of the book: Breasts: Our most public private parts, Meema Spadola, to the same conclusion with me that the breast is actually more important for women than for men.!
Women are often very rough assess their breasts more than men. They are comparing it to a non-ideal realistisan. They are led to believe that they should have a breast with a perfect sphere perpendicularly protruding from their bodies. There are several common forms of women's breasts as appropriate, is one of them round and round is probably the most common form. When they rounded breasts and jutting out, generally small in size. This is a fact of gravity. I might think that most of the breast that skewed or curved toward the front and rounded at the crossing under the body. The photo above gives an example of two common forms of breast side by side. Women often view the breast with a second form of rat or decrease, not normal and desirable. I have seen many examples where this is true. Women who are under social pressure is often difficult to be convinced that they have nice breasts if they feel otherwise.

Bra: Bad for Your Health?
This is a very touching and is a region with great opposition. Sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction. There is increasing evidence of medical thought that wearing a bra can be bad for your health and comfort. Wearing a bra can lead to pain of cystic breast disease and even more cause than prevent sagging in the breast. Please, visit the links at the bottom for a more detailed breakdown. Outside rather than whether the statement is true or not, there is no medical advantage in wearing a bra. It's just a matter of one's personal appearance, although the pressure of society and youth play a major role.

From the book The Johns Hopkins Atlas of
Human Functional Anatomy Fourth Edition
Copyright 1977.1980, 1986, 1997 The Johns Hopkins University Press
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ISBN 0-8018-5651-5
ISBN 0-8018-5652-3 PBK.
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