Hot and beauty 5 : Society Conflict with the Biological

It is unfortunate, at least one American woman has been jailed as a result of his testimony about the experience of sexual feelings while breastfeeding her baby. He had called the help line to find out whether he is still normal, and found himself in jail and even her baby taken from her. When the woman finally regained his freedom and the right maintenance for the baby, I'm sure if it is very traumatic for both of them. One woman told me a few years ago how her baby daughter had difficulty breastfeeding. He connects these difficulties with kemungknan baby girl became aware that intimacy in women is considered inappropriate. I have been thinking, if not his mother, who did not feel comfortable with sexual feelings they experienced breastfeeding saaat causing these difficulties. This illustrates the misconceptions of people about women's breasts, so having a clear and negative impact for women's lives and the lives of their children.
Breast feeding in Nepal
Sensitivity to the woman's breasts to different stimulation in each woman. There are some women who feel their breasts are more sensitive to touch their own or their lovers and where only a few who did not experience a pleasant sensation at all. Some women have the nerve sensors contained in the nipples and their breasts than others. The relationship of a woman with breasts also had an influence on their taste sensitivity. If he loved her breasts and have positive ties with him he would be more open to physical feelings that occur. As a result, he may feel that feeling in a positive way. If a woman does not like her breasts for whatever reason, he will be less open and therefore less aware of the feelings that they might generate. If he is aware of any feelings he might not feel it as something fun. A woman's menstrual cycle is also often affects the breasts, lots of experience from the period when the breasts become soft making any sexual stimulation can not be detained. sensitivity to stimulation of the breasts may fluctuate during pregnancy and lactation because of physical changes and pskologis changing nature of women during this time A mother may experience an orgasm while nursing her baby was also found that breasts are very sensitive to the stimulation of her partner 15 minutes later, or vice versa. As a result there is no one rule that can be given to women associated with sensitivity of her breasts.
The relationship between breast stimulation, sexual arousal and feelings towards the genitals of some women experience producing electrical and chemical relationships as has been mentioned above. Even this chemical produced during nipple stimulation regardless of whether a teen or woman has ever been pregnant or breast-feeding earlier. This is shown by the fact that some women's breasts are always producing milk that little start at puberty and by women who breastfeed an adopted baby. If a woman often did stimulation of nipples, stimulating to breastfeeding newborn with her breasts, she may start to breastfeed. A woman does not have to feel her breasts are sensitive to stimulation for this to happen. Some of us have a powerful physical response and outside of our control.
Breast feeding in Nepal
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