Breast Size and Sensitivity

A woman's breast size has nothing to do with whether he's enjoying sexual stimulation given to him. Since the breasts have become sexual objects in Western society, large breasts are often seen as more sexual than women with small breasts, and consequently he is expected to have more sexual attitudes. Unfortunately, women small breasts may feel neglected by their partners because of misunderstanding, and women with large breasts may feel their breasts received so much attention. The opposite of this misconception, large breasts are not more sensitive to sexual stimuli, new research has found that women with large breasts have a nipple and breast sensation is less than women with small breasts, probably because the nerve endings are distributed in areas that are too broad. Remember that women's emotional relationship with payudaanya play a greater role in terms of whether she enjoyed the stimulus given to the breasts than their actual sensitivity to physical stimuli. Pair a woman should be careful to not criticize the sensitivity of her breasts, or the pleasures of breast stimulation, which is based solely on size.
Stimulate Breast Women
How do you stimulate a woman's breasts and nipples? It depends on each woman, but with gentle yag is probably the best way. Women often enjoy their breasts have an outpouring of love exaggeration, which means licking the soft, bite and caress with the lips, tongue and fingers. Stimulate her breasts as a whole, not just the nipple. Use your time. Take a body lotion or oil and rubbed into her breast. Genitals will respond to stimulation of the breast, if true, this is a great way to early sexual pleasure. While she may not experience orgasm as a result of breast stimulation alone, this is probably very enjoyable for him. Note the menstrual cycle when she had breast tenderness. (Pay attention to the menstrual calendar was a good idea for women who still want her partner to know the changes in their body cycle, note that there are women who need clitoral and nipple stimulation simultaneously with the aim to achieve orgasm.

Some women enjoy this if the breast stimulation is not painful, but some of the stimulus should be discussed before trying it. Great pleasure from stimulation may be better done by releasing the hormones oxytocin and prolactin than with pleasure from the pain itself. The hormones released during sex often increases one's resistance to pain. Great stimulation on her nipples could produce a surge in the production of these hormones that may have a significant influence on the genitals. Some women find that they like their breasts handled roughly during masturbation, and they can provide and train their partner how and when to do it right. Do not treat a woman's breasts like a lump of dough that you squeeze or bite the breasts or nipples, unless he approved the kind of stimulation like that. Some women enjoy this, but this is not something that all women can enjoy it, or even those who feel they must in a state ready mentally prepared if they want to enjoy it.
A woman's breasts are often very important to him so he can enjoy the stimulus given to her breasts, even if it is, physically unpleasant for him. Partner's pleasure and acceptance of her breasts to be very important to her emotionally. That's why it's important not to ignore women's breasts, through her breasts react when you go to the vulva and vagina. Some women refused panyudaranya above some threshold for emotional reasons, most commonly is the restlessness of its size. Women with small breasts who wear a bra with pads or encouragement to the above, may not like it (reluctantly) shows the actual size of their partner. They think a bra with pads or bras that pushed upwards, used every day, very nice to sexual intimacy as well as made-up orgasm.
What is the Size of Breasts The Preferred Choice?
Everyone prefers large breasts, right? Wrong. Indeed, large breasts are a symbol of sex and they receive a huge amount of attention, but not all liked by everyone. Everyone prefers large breasts, right? Wrong. Indeed, large breasts are a symbol of sex and they receive a huge amount of attention, but they are equally loved by all. First, size is relative. For some large breasts is something bigger and AA and for the other minor is something smaller than DD. Mathematically B / C was on average. Of course our partners in the world no one wants to be at average or below average. We especially women, based on their success or failure as a woman solely on the size of their breasts, unfortunately, we often equate with the value of F-AA and DD with a A +. This is because the number of incorrect assessments of women, and in her own self.
The size of that which truly desired by the men and the lover? It really depends on each induvidu. Contrary to what was reported a lot of magazines, liking a person does not change every month. One study found 25% of men prefer large breasts, the same percentage prefer small breasts. 50% prefer the other attributes, or do not have a reference. Some are interested in women's nipples, especially when the nipples are large and prominent nipples (erection). Others like women with small breasts or have no breast development, more than you expect.
The reason, but breast size is often less important. In fact, many women who found my male colleagues is very interesting and exciting that just happened to have small breasts. Talking about the women who think men are attractive, I know sometimes they do not feel they were interesting because they assess the ability of himself to favor solely on the size of their breasts. This is even true for some women who have made the men line up to constrict them. What is attractive in a woman is a picture of a complex and depends on each individual. Large breasts often receive much attention, but not too critical of women with large breasts.
To Be Continued...
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