Hot and beauty 4 : Sexual Versus Nature of Motherhood

You may ask why here explains how to produce breast milk before explaining its function during sex remember this website about sexuality. Believe it or not, I have explained the function of breasts during sex. It is now common to say that female breasts have two functions or roles in the lives of women. First as a sex and the other is as the nature of motherhood. This was not proper statements made, given the breast at the same function during sex and breastfeeding. Breast able to feed our children that makes them capable of producing sexual satisfaction.

There is no magic button that can change the role of sexual breast into the nature of motherhood. I realize many women and men believe it exists, but there certainly are not. This belief is produced in women who feel strange and at the same time embarrassed by their breasts. When a woman breastfeeding her baby, she was expecting her breasts to respond and feel differently? from when their sexual partner meransangnya. He probably did not expect to feel sexual satisfaction when her baby breastfeeding even though this is often a problem. If you admit that the breast has only one function or role in the lives of women, will become easier to understand the role and function during sex and breastfeeding.
Why nipples are very sensitive to touch? The answer may be to appreciate having a mother breastfeeding her child. Nature has made a positive reinforcement tool that encourages women to breastfeed her child. That may not own instinct that encourages women to nurture their children. In addition, the results of uterine contractions nipple stimulation causes uterine size decreases rapidly, the possibility for the mother is in better prepare ourselves to guard and protect her newborn baby. This also happens during orgasm which involve contractions of the uterus. The relationship between stimulation of the nipple, sexual arousal, and orgasm from some women who experienced woman is not a deliberate action and its main purpose is not sex, although sometimes it provide benefits for women. Remember that the society that has defined this as the nature of sexual versus maternal There are reasons why our bodies function as they are, not a reason that is always in accordance with what is expected by the community.
A study by Masters and Johnson found among a group of 24 women who breastfeed their own for them to at least 2 months of their sexual desires change in average height of the girl who did not breastfeed their child, they often experienced sexual stimulation at the level of stable and 3 experience orgasm during breastfeeding. As already mentioned above, expenditures by reflex may cause some strong feelings and there is a relationship between the chemical and electrical with nipples and uterus.

To Be continued...
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