Hot and beauty 3 : Prepare for breast feeding

During pregnancy the breast preparing for breastfeeding, it does not trigger the production of milk. During pregnancy, the breasts generally become larger with the increase in the number and size of the gland alveoli as a result of increased levels of estrogen. This occurs until a baby has been breastfed for a few days where the actual milk production begins. For the first few days of breast colostrum very important issue for the health of a baby. When a baby begins feeding on the nipple of a woman, the result of physical stimulation causes the impulse.
At the end of the nerve impulse sent to the hypothalamus gland in the brain which in turn tells the pituitary gland is also located in the brain to produce two hormones called oxytocin and Prolactin. Prolactin causes milk production and oxytocin causes the muscle fibers surrounding the alveoli shrink the gland as in the uterine muscle. When the muscle fibers surrounding the alveoli lined gland causes the milk to come out so-called "flow" and can cause a sensation in the breast and squirt milk from her nipples. Sound of crying babies dpat also trigger the flow, which shows how milk production can be influenced by psychological and environmental conditions the same as when breastfeeding. When breastfeeding, foremilk, stored in the alveoli and lactiferous sinuses but most of the milk, hind, produced on request. Breast milk does not save, but produce it on request. The greater the demand, the more milk produced. Breasts can not be compared with the milk bottle!.

From the book A New View of a Woman's Body
Copyright 1981, The Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers
Illustration by: Suzann Gage, L Ac, RNC, NP
PBK ISBN 0-9629945-0-2.

To Be Continued...
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