Hot and beauty 1 : Attention for your breast beauty

Although breast received little attention, is very interesting that there is little information as possible about the anatomy and function. I had to find a number of references to find one that explains in detail the information that refers to this topic. Surprisingly, few books that offer you hope to explain about this topic. A book about breast-feeding is explained only slightly, and several books on breast cancer does not even explore this issue at all. This is possible because the more a woman's breasts have a purpose as a provider of in American society than what was expected, namely as a provider of food, physical and emotional satisfaction, and protection from disease for our children. Unfortunately, the most obvious reference in the book about plastic surgery breast!

Each breast consists of 15 to 20 lobes of glandular tissue. The number of lobes is not related to breast size. Each lobe is made of thousands of tiny glands called alveoli or acini. This gland together form a clot, like a grape vine. The alveoli (alveolus and singular acinus) and other substances to produce milk during lactation. Each ball provides food into a single lactiferous vessels are running it out through the nipple. As a result, there are 15-20 channels nipple, resulting in many holes on the nipple. Behind the lactiferous vessels nipple slightly enlarged to form a small storage pits called lactiferous (lactiferous sinuses). Each hole diameter of 2-4 mm (0.08 to 0.16 inches). Fat and connective tissue surrounding the glandular tissue balls. A number of fatty tissue depends on many factors including age, percentage body fat, and heredity. Cooper ligament connecting the chest wall on the breast skin, giving shape to the breast and keelastisannya.

From the book The Johns Hopkins Atlas of
Human Functional Anatomy Fourth Edition
Copyright 1977.1980, 1986, 1997 The Johns Hopkins University Press
Edited by: George D. Zuidema, M.D.
ISBN 0-8018-5651-5
ISBN 0-8018-5652-3 PBK.

To Be continued...
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