Yoga Balances Breath Breast Cancer

Breast Health Information - Yoga Balances Breath Breast Cancer (more : Relevance Ayudervic Perspective Care Yoga). Nadi Sodhana (alternate nostril breathing) Balances breath and recommended immune systems disorders such as cancer Cleansing, relaxing, balances ANS. Ushas mudra, Facilitates endorphin release, a sense of well being. Increases immunity, especially in cancer. Helpful for immune system imbalance. Balances Kapha, Pitta, Vata (more : Yoga The Emotional Body for Breast Cancer).

Garuda mudra, Respiratory and endocrine function enhancement. Balances both sides of body. Good for paired organs / tissues. Asana, Archer Pose (Seated or Standing), Increases ROM in upper body. Heart opening. Stimulates lymph area in armpits. Ardha Matsyendrasana, Activates First, Second and Third Chakras. Opens rib cage and the breath. Massages the digestive organs and helps elimination. Stimulates lymph flow and the immune system. Sedates the nervous system.

Tadasana, Connecting and grounding toward earth, Muladhara chakra. Balances all 5 elements with focus on earth. Balances all doshas. Yoga Nidra / Visualization / Guided imagery. Healing heart meditation Opening Anahata chakra Cultivating self acceptance, awareness. Healing waters visualization. To access and become aware of our own healing nature. Other : Journaling, Poetry, Blessings - Mantra (Gayatri) - Lovingkindness Meditation

Marketing plan
- Presentations to support groups existing in Wellness Centers.
- Flyers and posters to other health care (oncology specific) centers (hosPittals, clinics, associations).
- Articles in local newspapers about what Yoga Therapy could be useful to reduces stress in breast cancer patients.
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10. Basic format for one class in series Week 2 - "Breath of Life" Pranamayakosha
Therapeutic rationale Calm, balance Vata, increase Pitta, awareness of energy in the body. Pranayama Focus Whole body breathing (PranaVidya) Intake
• Opening of the class by chanting the "Gayatri Mantra"
• Bring the intention of the class into your heart and bring it into your practice
• Welcome
• Inquire as to any new discoveries since the last week class
• Introduction of breath focus Body awareness
• Body scan
• Observing areas of tension, relaxation
• Attention to the flow of breath in the body Breath awareness
• Natural respiration qualities (fast / slow, choppy /smooth, long /short, etc)
• Whole body Nadi Sodhana, right and left side Sharing
• What did you notice about your breathing in both exercises? Warm ups
• Seated Vinyasa Warm-ups
• Anjali mudra
Open arms out on inhale, Bring back arms at the heart on exhale, Let the arms up to the ceiling on inhale, Bring back arms at the heart on exhale, ~ open the heart and increase gently the mobility of the arms, movements and breath in synchronicity to increase awareness of breath
• Gentle twist
• Seated cat stretches
• Shoulder shrugs with sigh breath
• Neck warm-ups
Up and down with breath, Right and left shoulder, Figure 8 with the chin, ~ increase gently the mobility of the upper body, movements and breath in synchronicity to increase awareness of breath. Garbhasasana Child Pose Asanas. All performed to cue breath focus
• Tadasana
• Tadasana with variations of the arms and toes
• Archer
• Nataraj 1
• Uttanasana
• Garbhasasana kneeling to the floor, child pose
• Makarasana Crocodile
• Ardha Bhujangasana Sphinx
• Savasana Over to back
• Apanasana Head to knee, knee to chest
• Supta Padangusthasana Legs lifts / straight leg, one on the floor
• Setubandhasana Bridge pose
• Full body stretch on the floor Yoga Nidra
• Progressive relaxation ( 50%, 25%,… )
• Point to point breath, Inhale toes to head 3 times, Exhale to level of ankles, Exhale to level of knees, To top of head and return to toes progressively
• Healing waters guided imagery
• Mukula mudra (no 51) Beak shape to draw healing energy into particular parts of the body Meditation
• "Only Breath" Poem by Rumi, Sharing / Closing
• Anjali mudra
• Chanting Gayatri Mantra
• Bring the intention of the class into your heart and bring it home. Namaste

Source : YOGA FOR BREAST CANCER PATIENTS, Professional Yoga Therapy Training, March 21-April 3, 2004, Betsy Murphy, Sharen Patel, Donna Zwickel, Locana Sansregret
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