Yoga The Emotional Body for Breast Cancer

Breast Health Information - Yoga The Emotional Body for Breast Cancer (more : Yoga for Breast Cancer). Manamayakosha – the emotional body. In relation to the psycho-emotional body, separation manifests as a separation from society in a model of "me against them" attitude. Another form of separation is from parts of ourselves. These are all aspects of ourselves which are repressed or denied. These unconscious beliefs form the basis of daily living patterns where we separate from other people, even those in our family who should be the foundation of our emotional support (more : Pure Hypnosis).

Conditions found in the emotional body :
Feelings of fear in general and anger will create separation from positive emotions. Inertia, self pity. Fear of death. Depression. Emotional pain. Anxiety about what could happen to them and their loved ones. Despair and hopelessness. Shame about appearance changes (loss of hair, surgery to the breast). Loneliness, feeling of being alone in the world. Guilt for having put one’s loved ones through so much pain. Inability to nurture self at the heart or through loving relationships with others. Not being able to take care of the self physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Living a transition in life, the children are leaving home, divorce.

Vijnyamamakosha – the witness body. In relation to the witness body, the part of ourselves that has the ability to see the separation at the various levels and allows us to change, the Yoga Therapy process is one of deconditioning and deprogramming our core beliefs. Conditions found in the witness body :
Disconnection from the feminine / sexual identity provides separation on this kosha. “Why me? Is my biology, my biography? Am I being punished? What have I done wrong?

Anandamayakosha – the bliss body. In relation to the bliss body, separation manifests as a denial of our true nature and the disconnection from the Spirit, the most powerful source of healing. Conditions in the bliss body :
Inability of breast cancer patients to see wholeness and surrendering themselves to universal consciousness. Increased identity with ego and self contribute to this separation. Separation occurs as a result of not knowing the true essence of one’s being. Relevance at each of the 7 chakras to Breast Cancer. The Chakras. Muladhara – level of the perineum. Ungrounded, separation from the earth, feelings of insecurity and fear, especially fear of death. Swadisthana –level of the organs of reproduction. Separation from intimate relationships (spouse, family) and one’s own sexuality. Manipura – level of digestive system, solar plexus. Low self-esteem, separation from community, feelings of isolation. Anahata – level of the cardiopulmonary system.The breast area. Inability to feel loving kindness toward self and others, separation from loving relationships. Vishuddha – level of the throat. Diminished capacity for expression of creative and true self, separation from inner self wisdom and creative ways to communicate the true self. Ajna – level of the Third Eye. Loss of faith, hope, separation from one’s spirituality. Sahasrara – at the top of the head Lack of sense of union with universal unity consciousness, separation from Divine Energy.

Source : YOGA FOR BREAST CANCER PATIENTS, Professional Yoga Therapy Training, March 21-April 3, 2004, Betsy Murphy, Sharen Patel, Donna Zwickel, Locana Sansregret.
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