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Breast Health Information - Relevance Ayudervic Perspective Care Yoga (more : Yoga The Emotional Body for Breast Cancer). Relevance Ayudervic Perspective - Tumor growth in cancer is related to an excess of Kapha. There is an accumulation of amas (toxins) and poor agni (digestive fire) indicating a deficiency of Pitta. Vata is inbalanced through fear and anxiety. LIST BASIC OBJECTIVES FOR YOUR 8 WEEK COURSE. Establish a program using techniques and methods to achieve the wellness objective (more : Yoga for Breast Cancer).

The intention for this eight week class is to develop tools and techniques for coping with breast cancer that focus on the whole person, the Five Kosha Model.

The Yoga Therapy program allows the student to be a perceptive self-observer of the physical body, the flow of energy and breath through the body, of feelings and emotions, as well as to attune more deeply to witness consciousness, creating awareness of these experiences. The student will take back his/her responsibility towards wellness and health.

The needs of the student are assessed through both observation and intuition on the part of the teacher as well as the student. This program will embrace a nonjudemental, supportive, and safe (nonviolent) environment.

DEMOGRAPHICS OF PARTICIPANTS. Breast cancer patients and survivors in varying stages of wellness. The class will be offered at a cancer wellness center.

Tools and techniques. We will explore gentle stretching, restorative postures using props, breath awareness, relaxation, guided imagery and meditation, sankalpa or positive affirmations, mudras, mantras, poetry, and inspirational readings, chanting and sharing, using principles of acceptance and non-judgement in an environment that is supported and safe for the participant to heal and grow.

General Plan. The practice that we develop is of course not static and will change along with the changing needs of the group or individual.
Week 1 - "Listening to the Body" - Focus : Increase the mobility of the arms, and grounding.

Week 2 - "Breath of Life" - Focus : Move with the breath in a smooth and easy rhythm.
Week 3 - "Emotions ~ Energy in Motion" - Focus : Observe the emotions as they arise throughout the practice.
Week 4 - "I love me" ~ Cultivating Compassion - Focus : Forgiveness to myself, nothing is wrong.
Week 5 - "Seeing yourself Inside Out" ~ Yoga Nidra - Focus : The meaning of illness is to point us back toward greater awareness and balance.
Week 6 - "Moving towards Stillness" - Focus : Find the inner healing sanctuary within oneself. Meditation.
Week 7 - "Cultivating Joy" - Focus : Reunite with oneself.
Week 8 - "Bringing it Home" ~ Integration - Focus : integration of all techniques explored.

Source : YOGA FOR BREAST CANCER PATIENTS, Professional Yoga Therapy Training, March 21-April 3, 2004, Betsy Murphy, Sharen Patel, Donna Zwickel, Locana Sansregret
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