Tips For Your Mammogram

Pure breast care information - Tips For Your Mammogram. Yes, read detail for this tips, and foolow this for your health body... Tips for having a mammogram. Pure breast care information - Tips For Your Mammogram. (more : When You Have a Mammogram - Limitations Of Mammograms)

The following are useful suggestions for making sure that you will receive a quality mammogram :

· If it is not posted visibly near the receptionist's desk, ask to see the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certificate that is issued to all facilities that offer mammography. The FDA requires that all facilities meet high professional standards of safety and quality in order to be a provider of mammography services. A facility may not provide mammography without certification.

· Use a facility that either specializes in mammography or does many mammograms a day.

· If you are satisfied that the facility is of high quality, continue to go there on a regular basis so that your mammograms can be compared from year to year.

· If you are going to a facility for the first time, bring a list of the places, dates of mammograms, biopsies, or other breast treatments you have had before.

· If you have had mammograms at another facility, you should make every attempt to get those mammograms to bring with you to the new facility (or have them sent there) so that they can be compared to the new ones.

· On the day of the exam don't wear deodorant or antiperspirant. Some of these contain substances that can interfere with the reading of the mammogram by appearing on the x-ray film as white spots.

· You may find it easier to wear a skirt or pants, so that you'll only need to remove your blouse for the exam.

· Schedule your mammogram when your breasts are not tender or swollen to help reduce discomfort and to ensure a good picture. Try to avoid the week just before your period.

· Always describe any breast symptoms or problems that you are having to the technologist who is doing the mammogram. Be prepared to describe any medical history that could affect your breast cancer risk — such as surgery, hormone use, or family or personal history of breast cancer. Discuss any new findings or problems in your breasts with your doctor or nurse before having a mammogram.

· If you do not hear from your doctor within 10 days, do not assume that your mammogram was normal — call your doctor or the facility.
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