Your Breasts Perk Up Sexual Pleasure

Pure Breast Care - Your Breasts Perk Up Sexual Pleasure. This story provided for informational purposes only Breast Health Information about sex organ to discover some interesting ways through which you and your partner can enjoy your breasts during lovemaking. See detail about Tease your breasts, Cuddle up, Tease your breasts, Relish new sensations, Focus above the areola and Enjoy making them wet story at here Pure Breast Care - Your Breasts Perk Up Sexual Pleasure.

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Enjoy Your Breasts To Perk Up Your Sexual Pleasure
Your breasts are not there just to enchant your lover; they are also a sex organ. When used appropriately they can enhance the pleasure of sex for you as well as your partner. Read the article below to discover some interesting ways through which you and your partner can enjoy your breasts during lovemaking.

Cuddle up
If you pay attention to your breasts, you can use them to enhance your sexual pleasure. According to experts, when your partner caresses your breasts, your brain releases a chemical called oxytocin in your bloodstream. This oxytocin works as a love hormone. It is also triggered by hugging and orgasm. Oxytocin is also known to strengthen the bonding feeling between you and your partner. To get more out of cuddling, press your breasts into his chest or pull him towards you so that so that your nipple brushes against his chest, this will give you a delightful sensation.

Tease your breasts
Just as men get turned on merely by watching a woman's breast, the same way women too get ready for sex when their partner offer a slightest touch to their breasts. According to experts, sometimes women experience pleasurable feelings at even the suggestion of sexual touch. To make your breasts come alive, let your partner lightly touch your sternum and then move his fingers toward either breast, drawing light circles over the entire area. The movement will stimulate the microscopic hairs on your breasts and the fine-touch nerves under the skin's surface which will give you blissful shivers.

Relish new sensations
You may have experienced his hands and fingers over your boobs a lot of times before but for a change encourage him to give you new sensations. For instance, you can experiment with different sensations by using soft jersey sheets, a cool body lotion, a feather or even silky fabric. These sensations will all enhance the pleasure of lovemaking. You can also try sensing his other body parts on your breasts. Press your breasts against his back or oscillate them over his face. How about gliding his penis across your chest? Both of you will enjoy the new sensations.

Focus above the areola
Most men tend to focus on the nipples as they are the most attractive feature of the breasts. Some women like the sensation and some not as much. This may be because nipples are not really the most sensitive part of your breasts. According to experts, it is the flesh directly above the areola (the colored skin surrounding the nipple) which is the most responsive part of a woman's breasts. To maximize your pleasure, make your partner rub the 10 o'clock to two o'clock zones with an ice cube, then blow hot air on the wet parts to give you a chilling effect. Also, encourage him to use the tip of his tongue to lick circles around the area, slowly moving down to your nipple and areola.

Enjoy making them wet
You can enjoy your breasts by taking a hot shower together. The heat brings blood to the skin's surface and elevates body temperature, both of which make your skin more sensitive to the touch. Encourage you partner to sensually soap your breasts. If you don't want to go for shower, make your partner massage your breasts with a steamy wet towel. You'll enjoy the same pleasure. If this does not work, make your partner give you a wet touch by putting his mouth on your nipple during sex.

Enjoy the hard touch
A great way to enjoy your breasts is to make your partner grasp your nipple between his fingers and lightly twist it. You can also do it yourself while your partner is enjoying another part of your body. You'll simply enjoy the sensation.
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