Small Boobs Style?

Pure Breast Care - Small Boobs In Style? This story provided for informational purposes only Breast Health Information about could it possibly be true that small boobs are the newest trend in fashion? Loving your body the way it is? Now that's a trend we're on board for. See detail about Small Boobs story at here Pure Breast Care - Small Boobs In Style?.

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Are small boobs in style? Could it possibly be true that small boobs are the newest trend in fashion? Loving your body the way it is? Now that's a trend we're on board for. It's recession-friendly, too.


Is there a small boob trend going on? The Web is abuzz lately with news of women celebrating the small chest. It all started last week when The New York Times reported that contrary to what you might think,women who have small breasts like it that way.

I say that it's about time we're hearing more about this! I'd like to see this news get even more attention in the media, particularly in Hollywood. (Naturally, I would feel that way - being an A cup myself...)


Don't get me wrong: If large breasts were your genetic destiny, there's certainly plenty to love about your curves (like: having cleavage!), and there have been plenty of times (especially when trying on swimsuits) that I've longed for a somewhat more ample bosom. But we all know there are plenty of discomforts to go along with the curvaceousness.

Liposuction? I almost get that. And I can sure see why someone would go for a breast reduction. However, this small-chested girl has wondered why so many women are willing to pay a lot of money and endure surgery to make life more physically uncomfortable! But, then, I'm (mostly) not one to torture myself in high heels, either, so I'll probably never get it. Especially when I hear about women who are so dissatisfied with having breast implants that they're having them removed!


The truth is, breast size doesn't make us any more or less beautiful, any more than our wrists do. Our physical features are all just variations of pretty spicing up the complicated, and enormously subjective, stew of attraction.

I just dream of a world for my three daughters where they can love the body they were born to have. Since odds are reasonable that at least some of them are going to have not-large boobs I offer these...


11 Sleeping position. You can sleep your your stomach. I really took that for granted until I was pregnant and nursing and had bosoms that prohibited that sleeping position!

22No bouncing. You can run, skip, hop and jump without pain -- and that bouncing that makes a girl painfully self-conscious.

33Cute bras. You have access to a cute selection of bras, including petite bras with super skinny straps that don't dig into your shoulders.

44Go free. It is not uncomfortable when you go bra-less. (Right time and place, of course!)

55Less sag. Small boobs stay perkier longer. Since there's less mass for gravity to exert its influence on, there's significantly less sag. By Betsy Bailey SheKnows
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