Hot Woman Sells Her Breasts

Pure Breast Care - Hot Woman Sells Her Breasts. This story provided for informational purposes only Breast Health Information about in the case of Anorei Collins, finding ways to cash in on natural "assets." her size-40NN breasts. See detail about Sells Her Breasts story at here Pure Breast Care - Hot Woman Sells Her Breasts.

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Woman Sells Ad Space on Her Breasts. Would You? The recession forces many to rethink sources of income and spending habits-whether that's searching for the best sales on the web, purchasing drugstore brands in lieu of department store items, or, in the case of Anorei Collins, finding ways to cash in on natural "assets."

Last week, the amateur model placed a listing on eBay (shown below) selling 72 inches of advertising space on her size-40NN breasts. She pointed out, "I get stared at all day long, wouldn't you like your business name / logo to be stared at right along with it??" Collins' listing-which specified the wearing of any logo or brand on cute tight shirts (not her skin)-expired yesterday and was awarded to the 96.5 Wild Country Radio station in Malone, New York for $2,000.

Collins certainly is not the first to sell ad opportunities on her body. In the last few years, people have posted listings on sites like eBay and Body Billboardz selling skin advertising space for upwards of $3,000. In addition to these permanent and non-permanent "tat ads," even the most fabulous celebrities sell space on their person and equipment and in fact make much more in endorsements than their salaried jobs.

All of this got us wondering : Would you sell advertising space on your body?
By Kaboodle
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