Women should recognize the bacteria Escherichia coli

Pure Breast Health - Women should recognize the bacteria Escherichia coli. In general, if we hear the word bacteria, which live show is a tiny creature which is dangerous because it causes various diseases. Escherichia coli is one type of bacteria that is often discussed. Quite a few people who know E. coli, but only to the extent of this bacterium is the cause of digestive tract infections. But many in fact that should be known from this bacterium. Pure Breast Health - Women should recognize the bacteria Escherichia coli.

E. coli is a rod-shaped bacterium with a length of about 2 micrometer and 0.5 micrometer diameter. E. cell volume coli ranged 0.6-0.7 cubic micrometer. These bacteria generally live in ranges including 20-40 degrees C, optimum at 37 degrees.

We may be many who do not know if the human large intestine contained a number of E. coli that functions decompose food scraps. Of the several hundred strains of E. coli were identified, only a fraction are pathogens, such as strain O157: H7. Bacteria whose name is derived from the inventor Theodor Escherich who discovered it in 1885 is a type of bacteria that became one of the backbone of the biotechnology world. Almost all genetic engineering biotechnology in the world always involves E. coli genetic effect is simple and easy to be engineered. Research on E. coli as a model for application to other types of bacteria. This bacterium is also the medium most frequently used cloning. Recombinant DNA techniques would not exist without the help of these bacteria.

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