Why Men Attracted to Breasts?

Why Men Attracted to Breasts?. You are looking for answers from this sentence: 'why are men attracted to breasts? " There was a point when we often feel alone an interest in a woman's breasts. And many who have researched the question, but a variety of answers obtained from the male. Site askmendotcom perform a survey to a number of men, this is the eighth aspect of why men like women's breasts.

Why Men Like Breast Women?

1. Calm
Based on the shape, the breast comes in a soft texture and invite anyone who saw.
2. Fertility symbol
Breast is the identity for women, is a feminine symbol of the absolute. The effect gives the impression to men, that women are the caretakers and guardians of life figure.
3. The problem of natural selection
According to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, humans are not consciously looking for healthy couples and looks capable of reproducing. According to his research, men interested in the breast because it indicates the ability to proliferate. Although reproduction is no longer the main priority of a man, but the instinct is still there even though evolution has occurred for centuries.
4. The key to making women horny
Adult men must all know, breast is one of the primary zone to create a stimulus. Therefore, another reason men like breasts is when he can "handle" breast with cunning, he could bring the woman reach sexual climax. There may be a kind of ego games or in this case.
5. Sort of entertainment center
Men like toys, like boys. According to the site askmendotcom, shape and texture of breasts for men, such as diverting entertainment in itself.
6. Visual stimulation
Unlike women who can be aroused by reading romance novels, men need visual stimulation. Not too surprisingly, the appearance of breasts that maintained and manicured, seized the attention of men. In addition to the genital area, breast is one of the most distinguishing physical part of men and women.
7. Social pressure
One reason especially man is obsessed with breasts because of the social environment as well. Magazines related to men, whether it's automotive magazines, games, or other, it seems there will always be a picture of women's breasts, whether it's just part of her cleavage or form a very subtle curve of the breast.
8. There is a taboo there
The temptation is to make breast more interesting is that the taboo itself. That the breast is covered and becomes a matter that should not be viewed by others makes breast main attraction. Jerry Seinfeld, comedian, once jokingly, if so far over his head and not her breasts, men will find the magazines that try to "peek" into that direction. For men, breast-like sort of forbidden fruit that can not be known and that's why there are things that tempt them to want to know more deeply.
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