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Marital relationship (sexual) has been a part of life, one of foreplay. Where foreplay consists of physical intimacy in early sexual encounters that serve to build sexual stimulation. Sometimes in preparation for sexual penetration or other practice that is applied in order to bring to orgasm. pure foreplay can be the choice for a husband and wife to harmony.

Early changes in accordance with the culture. Some practices that may be considered include initial kiss (especially French kissing), hugs and caresses, touching genitals, mutual masturbation, oral sex, the interpretation of gender roles, and fetish or BDSM practices.
Preliminary role in human sexuality has been understood and emphasized only in recent decades, mainly as a result of sexual freedom and feminism, as a result of which there is demand for the rights of women for their sexual pleasure. For most women, in fact, the development of arousal requires more time compared to what happens in men, whereas for the penetration of most women, if not preceded by foreplay, can lead to physical discomfort and / or psychological pressure, because the effect of decreased arousal and lubrication poor cunt. Therefore, they particularly women who require more attention in the introduction, which in some cases may extend for a long time and not only understand the behavior of a sexual nature, but also included in the report a more romantic and sentimental. For some couples, in fact, compared with previous sexual relationships also may be considered purely verbal exchange, or moments of fun and relaxing, such as relaxing bath, candle light dinner or a massage. In this sense, the initial purchase of more intrinsic value of culture, not tight physiological and sexological, expanding to cover all the intimacy of couples, sex itself becomes the body and consequently the task is completed.
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