Mother More Than Dad Can Discipline Children?

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Discipline should be taught in childhood child by the father and mother. However, did you know that women are more able to discipline your child than the father?As quoted from the Times of India, a study from the Australian Institute reported that more mothers can give a reason why he should show discipline and follow all the rules of the household. That is because women are more consistent in household circumstances, including the little guy."Mother is significantly more consistent than the father, with a high presentation that the mother rarely let children do not do punishment if your child guilty. Mother is able to confirm whether the child had to follow instructions or requests," the study authors said.
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3687 study involving nearly 4,000 fathers and mothers, found that mothers were more likely to show emotion on his son. Mother also prefer to reprimand the child if it does not comply with his request. But even so, the attitude of the mother is not only reflected in the emotions and anger are easy nature. Another factor that makes your child more willing to obey the mother because the mother is more likely to give hugs and kisses and spending time with their children than fathers. "My father usually works to break the ice for families who have the nature of 'hard', said Wayne Warburton, from Macquarie University research center.
Angry Mama Video
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