How know the breast (the term, organs, sexual roles and functions)

Many people are oblivious to know the detail of the breast. We rarely to explore further what it was breast. Know the breast (the term, organs, sexual roles and functions). Breasts have a Latin name 'mamma'. breast is an organ of the body's upper chest of a woman or female mammal species, including humans.
One of the first function of breasts is to breastfeed. Why?
Because the main function of the glandular breast milk is to provide nutrients in the form of milk for infants or toddlers. The process of breast-milk is called lactation. Mammary gland does not produce breast milk in men, normal mammary gland is still not fully developed.

The second function is the role of breast
Breast play an important role in the sexual habits of humans. Breast is one of the secondary sexual characteristics and play an important role in sexual attraction to his partner, and individual pleasure. Breasts are also part of the oldest woman's body viewed by the opposite sex.
Breast is also the sexual attraction of a woman. When women have breast sexy and beautiful, of course they would be proud. Breasts also become sexual attractiveness of men who see their shape (sex appeal). So it is important to maintaining the beauty of the breast.
Another function of the breast.
The experts stated that there was no breast at another living being female than in humans which has a large variety, relative to all parts of the body, when not lactating humans are the only primates that have a bloated breasts all the time. This indicates that the outer shape of the breast connect to factors other than breastfeeding. A theory based on the fact that unlike almost all primates, humans who are women do not give a clear physical view of the occurrence of ovulation. This can result in slowly in the human male sex to evolve to respond to the signs are more obvious for the presence of ovulation

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